Sunday, January 18, 2009


~~Kon dee dee tum mai mai ruk (คนดีๆทำไมไม่รัก) by Ice Saranyu~~

The lyrics in English is something like this (Translated by Willy)

1st part:
I’m really stupid, gullible to accept an enduring like this, as a good man that you don’t cherish.
I pampered you but you don’t cherish me. Everything I had done was hurting myself, and being hurt everyday!

#I’ve kept on enduring and put down my self-esteem, for a long time. I don’t understand it myself.
I have done my best to please you but you didn’t appreciate me, and bored as well.

Why my love towards you is so pain? Why loving you is exhausted?
Being together wastes of your time, but I suffered a lot deep inside my heart!
Why don’t you love me? I am better than him!
Why I need to endure this blindly? What for I need to endure this? The relationship brings me nothing but only regrets.

2nd Part
What virtue you have, until I kept on giving importance to you?
I probably couldn’t answer this question myself. I tried to find clues but had never found one. #

The definition of the title in English is “Honey, why you don’t love me”. The lyric is about Ice loves his gf so much but his gf didn’t appreciate him.
I like this song so much.

Friday, January 16, 2009